Monthly Archives: February 2011

Codename: Laughsalot

To gain more experience reading, interpreting, and coding various APIs I’ll be creating an app to automatically add a hashtag to tweets posted to Twitter. Nothing complicated at the moment but there will be a text box to save the reusable hashtag, a text box of what to tweet, two buttons (Send, Clear tweet), and a scrollable object that shows a user timeline. Live tweeting movies with friends is what inspired this as constantly having to add “#livetweetHallPass” or whatever movie we’d be watching got to be a hassle.


Smoke or Fire (v1.1.1)

Our first full release! This includes all the user interface elements I want, as well ads and a card viewer that displays the most recently dealt card. Have fun!

Smoke or Fire (v1.0)

The latest release includes an improved user interface and cards that show up every deal. Future plans include “card packs” to customize the card image you’re dealt.

Smoke or Fire: Rules of the game

12 Rounds

Rounds 1-4

  • 1- Each player chooses a card color, smoke (black) or fire (red). A correct guess earns 1 to give away, and an incorrect guess earns you 1.
  • 2 – Each player guesses their next card will be either higher than, lower than, or the same (post) as their first card. Correct guess earns 2 to give or 2 to take.
  • 3 – Each player guesses their next card will be either outside of their current cards, between their current cards, or exactly either one (post). Correct guess earns 3 to give, incorrect 3 to take.
  • 4 – Each player guesses the suit of their last card. A correct guess earns 4 to give, incorrect 4 to take.

Rounds 5-12 : A card is drawn from the deck, if the number matches a card in a player’s hand…

  • 5 – … they take 1.
  • 6 – … they give 1.
  • 7 – … they take 2.
  • 8 – … they give 2.
  • 9 – … they take 3.
  • 10 – … they give 3.
  • 11 – … they take 4.
  • 12 – … they give 4.

Smoke or Fire (v0.3)

Today is the day! Smoke or Fire has been released as v0.3 on the Android Market. Seeing how this is my first application don’t expect anything amazing. Now I can work on bringing the future updates to bear…

Linky linky — Market link

Frak the Dealer

The latest upcoming game, still to be created, designed, or even thought of. But it’s another game that’ll get you (usually the dealer) well done. Stay tuned for updates!

Smoke or Fire

Our first game is ‘Smoke or Fire’. So far we have a working interface that plays the game, but nothing visual or exciting.

In it:

-Easy to see UI

-Plays the game

Next up:


-Seeing the cards as they’re dealt

Way future:

-Connectivity to play with friends, ie: one player is the dealer (usually @KingBlackoutD) and the other players see which cards they’re dealt.

It’ll be published soon, so keep an eye on the Market!