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Autotagger (v0.1)

Codename: Laughsalot is out! The official name is “AutoTagger” and it’s available for you consumption. This is labeled as a “beta” release to make sure all the bugs are out, but once I get some feedback that the app is running appropriately I’ll drop the beta moniker.

The idea behind this app was during live-tweet sessions with my phone I kept having to add the hashtag and potentially re-word the whole tweet because of the hashtag’s length. With this app the hashtag is stored indefinitely and the character counter stays up-to-date as you type. No more deleting punctuation or re-wordings! There is a simple Twitter timeline that I’ll keep working on to improve as it only shows the username and tweets of the last 20 users.

But that’s for the future! Enjoy this app now, hopefully just in time for your weekly Thursday night pre-release movie parties.



Codename: Laughsalot

Connecting with oAuth was much simpler that I originally thought thanks to the Internet and it’s wealth of freely available information. Check out Twitter4J and Abhinava’s Blog if you’re looking for some Twitter related help.

Connectivity is done and the app runs pretty stable. I’ll keep messing around trying to get it to break, but in the meantime keep an eye out here and on the Market for a release soon!

I’m also going to try to get some attention from the Android community by looking for a mention on Android Central so be sure to add them to your RSS feeds. Alright, I’m done telling you what to do.



Finding an artist — A call has been placed to some artsy friends of mine in order to get appropriately sized and sexy icons and such. ETA: next month.

Smoke or Fire — An update should be out on Thursday (just in time for the weekend *wink*) that will make the rules for each round a little clearer for novice users.

Codename: Laughsalot — Because Twitter doesn’t want me to user xAuth I have to learn the more complicated oAuth to allow posting and reading of user timelines. If I’m feeling frisky I may attempt a Windows version as it’ll use the same oAuth communication as a mobile app. ETA: next month.

Dice Roller — I found a very useful dicebag/dice roller on the market already so unless I get specific issues to address I don’t see a reason to piss on someone else’s lawn. ETA: never.

And that’s what we have going on here at Blackout Productions! Feel free to leave a comment or send an email if there’s more information you’d like or with any comments you have.

*Getting that paper*