Autotagger (v0.1)

Codename: Laughsalot is out! The official name is “AutoTagger” and it’s available for you consumption. This is labeled as a “beta” release to make sure all the bugs are out, but once I get some feedback that the app is running appropriately I’ll drop the beta moniker.

The idea behind this app was during live-tweet sessions with my phone I kept having to add the hashtag and potentially re-word the whole tweet because of the hashtag’s length. With this app the hashtag is stored indefinitely and the character counter stays up-to-date as you type. No more deleting punctuation or re-wordings! There is a simple Twitter timeline that I’ll keep working on to improve as it only shows the username and tweets of the last 20 users.

But that’s for the future! Enjoy this app now, hopefully just in time for your weekly Thursday night pre-release movie parties.



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