Monthly Archives: April 2011

Softball Stat Tracker thing

I want to learn SQLite databases and this fits the bill perfectly. So far it’ll track:
-at bats (count, result, comments)
-player stats (all-time, perhaps games/season/etc)
-team stats overall

So for example:
John Smith
-1st at bat – ended with hit, 3-1 count, double, fly ball to right-center dropped, RBI
-2nd at bat – ended with hit, 2-2 count, single, grounder past SS
-3rd at bat – walked, 4-1 count

@ reply me with stat suggestions or how to display them.


April Update

Working on some improvements to Smoke or Fire and AutoTagger.

Smoke or Fire:
Getting prettier by displaying the cards in a player’s hand grouped together rather than a text list
More graphical things and stuff

Viewing tweets in individual screens
Replying, favoriting, retweeting, blah blah blah
Images automatically loaded on viewing tweets
Perhaps other improvements