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Softball Stats v1.2

Fresh off some in-depth testing, v1.2 has released! Adding at-bats is much quicker as the “Season” value can now be entered once on the main screen.

For those looking for more hardcore stat tracking, that’s not in there yet. I’ll probably end up creating another “pro” version of softball stats which will have multiple teams, multiple seasons, rosters, more stats including baserunning. Keep an eye on the Market and here!

Market Link


Softball Stats

I wanted an easy way to keep track of hitting stats for my softball team, so I made this. There were a couple on the market but they are much more involved than I knew how to handle and didn’t keep track of hits based on individual players’ lifetime stats. This should make things much easier and keeps track of batting average, walks, RBIs, and homeruns. If there’s enough demand for it I can add in more involved stats, but right now I want something simple on the market that someone new to softball can use.

Market Link