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How To: Enter plate appearances in Softball Stats Pro

[UPDATE March 5, 2012: With the release of v1.5+ the app does look different than this tutorial, but the general ideas are the same. I’ll work on getting an updated version up, but in the meantime follow along as best you can and remember I’m always available via email if you have any questions.]

Lately I’ve gotten some questions on how to use Softball Stats Pro, so here’s a write-up with pictures for all those that need help. (In the meantime, I need to get the UI to work more clearly…)

1. Add players and teams via the menu button from the app opening screen

2. The team is created, but empty. Short click on the team to open the “Team Viewer” window.

3. Using the Menu button, select “Add Players” to add players to this team.

A dialog window pops up with the global list of players, short press on each player you want on the team.

As players get stats on this team, their team-lifetime stats will be calculated and displayed. Short pressing on a player brings up a “Player Screen” that will show this as well.

4. Now add seasons using the Menu button, then short press on the season to go to the “Season Viewer” window. Notice that the team’s stats for the season are displayed in a horizontal-scrolling view.

5. On the “Season Viewer” screen use the Menu button to again add players, then add games to this season. The date is the default name for each game, but if you want something else enter it in the text field being sure to avoid anything other than letters or numbers.

6. After short pressing the game to add plate appearances for, once again use the menu button to add players to this game in the order of the lineup.

7. Now, they players added will be listed in the lineup page.

Short press on a “new PA” to add a plate appearance to this batter for this game in this season for this team.

Long Pressing on a plate appearance will “score the runner” awarding them a run. Short pressing on a plate appearance that is already entered opens an edit menu to edit the plate appearance.