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FF Keeper draft

Son of a. Javascript doesn’t usually play well with oauth requests (which Yahoo APIs need to verify identity because OH NOES THEY’LL STEAL MY FANTASY TEAM) but Google is one of those sites that should play well. The issue is security; typically local-run scripts (the code runs on the client not the server) has lots of holes for bad people to do bad things. I’d guess that since Google runs in the cloud this limits the security problem.

Good news, since getting stats straight from the horse’s mouth is the better way to do this. Now I have some code to troll though, if you’ll excuse me.


FF Keeper Draft

In my futile attempts to get access to closely guarded data, I may have to improvise. Yahoo isn’t keen on display EASILY AVAILABLE PLAYER STATS CONVERTED TO POINTS because they’re dumb, so I may avoid using Yahoo’s API’s all together and find another source of data.

Fortunately since the points are based off the stats, if I can’t get the points I’ll get the stats and convert it to points my-damn-self. Bye weeks cause another problem but that data is easily available as well. I just have to do the hard work of putting it all together.

At least, I think so. Go home Yahoo, you’re drunk.

FF keeper draft with Google Script (javascript)

Yahoo! doesn’t seem to handle keeper leagues well so I’m going to try to make things easier on myself; instead of wasting hours copying player stats into a Google spreadsheet I’m going to try to get the spreadsheet to do the work for me.

Inside of each Google spreadsheet is the ability to run background scripts when the page opens (or you tell it to). In this case I want to use my API keys to pull certain player data from their server, parse it into mutable objects, then populate the spreadsheet with the pertinent data (name, position, team, bye week, and expected points).

There are some other things I want to get to work, but this is the most time intensive on my end. This should also help with my other drafts, since Yahoo! doesn’t want to behave*.

*It may actually work properly, but this is way more fun and customizable for the other leagues I’m in too.