FF keeper draft with Google Script (javascript)

Yahoo! doesn’t seem to handle keeper leagues well so I’m going to try to make things easier on myself; instead of wasting hours copying player stats into a Google spreadsheet I’m going to try to get the spreadsheet to do the work for me.

Inside of each Google spreadsheet is the ability to run background scripts when the page opens (or you tell it to). In this case I want to use my API keys to pull certain player data from their server, parse it into mutable objects, then populate the spreadsheet with the pertinent data (name, position, team, bye week, and expected points).

There are some other things I want to get to work, but this is the most time intensive on my end. This should also help with my other drafts, since Yahoo! doesn’t want to behave*.

*It may actually work properly, but this is way more fun and customizable for the other leagues I’m in too.


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