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FF Keeper with GS

The good Google Script giveth and the good Google Script taketh away.

I can access Yahoo but only once. After that I’m locked out again. The credentials being created work off the bat but like a deep flyout to center field die on the way down. Somehow I’m missing the step that maintains access. What is the Google Script equivalent of cialis for oAuth connections? Where do I find digital bathtubs?


FF Keeper draft

I’ve finally successfully pulled *some* data from Yahoo’s servers. Behold, in all it’s glory:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<query xmlns:yahoo=”; yahoo:count=”1″ yahoo:created=”2013-06-03T22:20:20Z” yahoo:lang=”en-US”><results><game xmlns=””&gt;
</game></results></query><!– total: 161 –>
<!– –>

While it looks like gibberish it contains the identifying number of the current (2013) NFL season (314) which I’ve been looking for since… oh I don’t know… last year sometime. BUT I FOUND IT NOW. With that I can build requests to access player data for specific fantasy leagues.

But you may ask yourself, “Self, if all the players are available in all the same leagues why do you need stats specific to a fantasy league, aren’t they all in the NFL?”

Good questions, Self. I need player data specific to each fantasy league because that’ll contain their points totals for that league’s scoring system so I can properly populate player data for the offline draft.