Softball Stats/Pro

I finally got the Eclipse ADT reinstalled and started digging through the code for Softball Stats and Softball Stats Pro. I’ve since discovered:

  • I’m a bunch of revisions behind of the AdMob API
  • All the ad calls are different in the new JAR
  • I have no idea how they work now
  • Most of the UI techniques I built to work with AndroidOS 2.0+ are also horrendously behind and mostly deprecated
  • Who still uses 2.1-3 anyway?

I was going to try modifying the old code to work on new platforms, AndroidOS 4.0+, but right now it seems like I’d be better off building it new from the ground-up with the modern design techniques. I’m dreading this though since it means I have to build the app again and it takes A LOT of time. Not that I don’t have it but damn that’s a lot of work to throw away. I’ll still keep up the old version and probably change the manifest so that it doesn’t show up in the market for devices running 4.0+. This does have some good points:

  • New refreshed UI using much improved 4.0+ naviation
  • Reconfigured databases that aren’t slow and overly complicated
    • But I’d have to include an “upgrade” option to read in the old database into the new one
  • Proper threading so as the database gets large it doesn’t hold up the UI from loading
  • Additional stats to make it more useful for baseball players (increase the userbase)
  • Include better export options to share the data with other people using CSV/spreadsheet files

This is going to take a while.


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